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Hello everyone,

I know it's been a while since I updated. I am so busy promoting my books and doing other stuff (like looking for work) that I forget to update this journal.

"Love on the East End" is once again available on There were some problems with formatting but that has been taken care of.

Here is the link

It is also available on All Romance books site

And I do a post on my blog called Six Sentence Sunday (on Sun, obviously :D)

Please check out my latest featured book.

Also I do a post on Weds called Silver Flash day. I'll put a reminder about that here as well.

Some Silver Flash authors put up short stories on their blogs on Weds called Flash stories. They are short stories usually no longer than 1000 words or less. I am going to be posting this Weds.

thank you for your continued support
stay tuned.


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